If your customer doesn’t want to see you – a case for Remote Selling

If your customer doesn’t want to see you – a case for Remote Selling

Help, my customer doesn’t want to see me!

Corona has a firm grip on us – even if the recent easings make it possible to visit one or the other customer again …. but only one or the other, because we are still far from normal

What is left for the seller? Sure, he can talk to his customers on the phone, of course he can write emails. But do these communication channels replace direct, personal conversations?
No, of course not, because on the phone we only have our voice to be effective. And according to the social psychologist Albert Mehrabian, this is responsible for just 38% of the content transported.
How quickly is a phrase in an email misunderstood? … or not understood at all?

Which communication channel to the customer comes much closer to a personal visit than email and phone calls? The video conference! Even if this tool is still unfamiliar to many sales employees in the back office and in the field, in some industries, but especially in countries where long distances have to be bridged – so big that you cannot “drive to the customer quickly” – this communication channel is well established.

The positive experiences that have already been made there should, indeed must, encourage us to use this route to the customer. In order to be able to do this sensibly and with the desired effect, our salespeople need help and guidance.
Our NET.WORK partner provides these instructions in training sessions that, depending on the scope, last 8-10 hours and typically last 2 half days. He teaches what we have to do on the phone to be more effective, because not every customer will be willing and able to negotiate with us via video conference. But we are also trained how to optimize our written communication with the customer in a targeted manner, i.e. meet the changed expectations of our prospects and customers. And finally, the peculiarities of a negotiation by video conference are dealt with, the participants are relieved of their initial shyness towards this medium and conveyed how they can look after existing customers via video conference, drive projects through to completion, develop existing contacts with customers, and even make new acquisitions.

Current surveys show that almost half of the companies want to strengthen their digital sales channels during the Corona crisis. So what could be more obvious than taking the next step and getting your sales team ready for remote selling?

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The value-added causal chain

The value-added causal chain

If a company recognizes and encourages its VALUE-ADDED and communicates it consistently internally (i.e. to its employees) and externally (i.e. to its customers and partners), this leads to:

  •     a clearer positioning in the market
  •     increased recognition of its brand
  •     a stronger differentiation from its competitors
  •     a lower price sensitivity of its products
  •     better enforceability of price changes
  •     a higher appreciation by its customers
  •     more stable partnerships with customers and suppliers
  •     simpler and more interesting sales talks with a higher success or completion rate
  • a performance-enhancing motivation for his employees
  • increased attractiveness as an employer

    and thus ultimately to higher growth and profitability!

Recruiting in the sealants industry – how to find Mr. or Mrs. Right

Recruiting in the sealants industry – how to find Mr. or Mrs. Right

Finding the right people to grow your business is a tricky thing. Their availability is rather low, professional recruiting companies are mostly not acquainted with the specific requirements and expectations of the sealant industry, costs are high and the search process is lengthy.

Wouldn’t you appreciate a partner for recruiting management and sales staff who has personal experience in the sealant industry and can reach out for suitable candidates via his world-wide network? A partner who is well aware of the specifics of the industry and its challenges and who will present Mr. or Mrs. Right matching your qualification profile?

Our network relies entirely on the placement of personally known candidates and can therefore help you quickly and effectively to find experienced new employees and bring them on board!

  • Setting up a qualification profile for the positions to be filled
  • Searching for suitable candidates from the sealant industry
  • Arranging interviews with candidates and helping evaluate their personal strengths and weaknesses with regard to the employer’s requirements and challenges

Based on our industry knowledge, this creates added value through inexpensive personnel search without detours!

Enabling organizations to develop successful individuals

Enabling organizations to develop successful individuals

Markets, economies and politics are increasingly characterized by VUCAVolatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. As a result, individuals and organizations require the capability of self-organization. Competencies are the complex, often hidden potentials that play a crucial role in finding orientation and dealing with challenges. Their development is facilitated by values, offering guidance and unlocking the energy needed for self-organization.

Organizations can learn how to identify, extend and combine competencies of their members along the HR lifecycle. A scientifically founded system, combined with software-based processes, state-of-the-art trainings and consultation on eye level enables them to unlock the essential prerequisites on their path into the future, which is defined by global transformation.

Our SEALANTS-NET.WORK partner has more than 25 years of experience in international organizations across all industries. He offers the following services:

  • A proven system for the diagnosis of competencies and values
  • Multi-language support with questionnaires in 16 languages and evaluations available in English, German and French
  • Instruments and methods for a measurable development of individuals and organizations
  • Trainings that turn staff members into managers of competencies and values
  • Education programs that enable individuals to plan, implement and conduct corporate learning processes
  • Development programs in alignment with the organizational strategy
  • License courses to enable the targeted application of a holistic, scientific and future-proof solution

We would be happy to put you in touch with our partner – just send us an email!

New tasks for interim managers

New tasks for interim managers

Interim managers typically take over management functions as a “replacement” for non available executives. It is less well known that professional interim managers can also be used to

  • create and manage a new business unit until the future head of that unit is found and successfully trained
  • to revitalize a previously underdeveloped business unit or department or
  • to restructure and manage such an area until the future leader is found
  • to take the lead in a critical situation and bring the company or the area in trouble back to success; here, external executives can often impose unpopular but necessary measures and forego false consideration.

All the different tasks are always supported by the external perspective, the independence of internal networks and the experience of a professional interim manager, as well as by basic virtues such as leadership, quick comprehension, reliability, confidentiality, objectivity and the will to succeed. A weak point may be that the interim manager lacks knowledge of the industry and the market. This is of particular importance when the task is marketing and/or sales oriented. When it comes to a task in development or production, industry-specific know-how is also required.

For the sealants and adhesives industry an interim manager is required who is well versed in this business, brings his industry and market network and takes action immediately or after the shortest training period.