The value-added experts network for the global sealants & adhesives industry

Dr. Volker Weidmann interconnects the world of sealants & adhesives

A value-added NET.WORK comprised of accomplished sealants & adhesives experts

During my 30 years in the sealants & adhesives industry, I have managed to establish a unique NET.WORK comprised of international experts from that particular business. The NET.WORK aims to offer you and your company relevant across-the-board value-added. Our experts provide you with the competence, experience and know-how that will help you make your sealants business more profitable, more attractive and more sustainable.

Confidentiality is our highest command, experience our value-added, and professionalism our greatest asset!


Our services – Your value-added!

Holistic value-added strategies and communication

Developing and implementing corporate, marketing and communication strategies

Mergers & Acquisitions

Facilitating M&A opportunities, cooperations and partnerships


 Assisting you in the search for distributors in your sales areas


Recruiting experts of the trade for executive and associate positions

Professional development

Offering you internal and external sales and communication trainings

Products and raw materials

Supporting you in the search for raw materials, packaging and finished products


Providing you with legally safe translations of product documentation, contracts, websites etc.

Laws and standards

Offering you advice to satisfy product related laws, standards and guidelines

Technical advice

Supporting you in the development of new products, systems and applications

Transformation & Coaching

Helping you with the psychological challenges in times of change, transformation and digitization

Quality and process control

Permanent increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction

Employee development

Identification, expansion and combination of employee competencies

We are happy to help!

The experts in the NET.WORK are used to take a practical and down-to-earth approach. They are happy to share their knowledge and their experience with you and your company.

Our value-added – Your advantage!

  • The NET.WORK offers you access to a large numer of independent experts from the sealants & adhesives industry


  • For every aspect of your sealants & adhesives business, there is an expert in the NET.WORK fit to support you and your company


  • Strategical advice, recruiting, M&A, networking – the NET.WORK connects you to the “right” people world-wide
  • The experts in the NET.WORK enjoy a spotless reputation


  • The NET.WORK is based 100 % on mutual trust


  • Our international experience and our worldwide contacts provide the ideal basis for offering sustainable advice and help with all your projects

Articles from the sealants & adhesives blog

Feedback from the market

Volker is a very innovative and people oriented person who described the need for companies to target goals other than just share holder value, before talking about the Social Enterprise became trendy. He is very experienced in brand positioning and marketing communication, and he has taught me a lot about both. In addition he is a warm and friendly person who cares a lot about those around him. It has been a please working with Volker and hopefully I can do so again in the future.

Erno de Bruijn

President and COO of the International Division, Laticrete International, Inc.

I have known Dr Weidmann, in three different capacities, for over ten years. He has at various times been a valuable supplier, a member of our Board of Directors, and a business consultant. In all three roles, he has consistently been a thoughtful, insightful partner. He applies rigorous analysis, complimented by a strong focus on the human factors. Without reservation I state that he has made me a better executive, and our firm a better, smarter and more profitable organization!

David A. Rothberg

Chairman of the Board, Laticrete International, Inc.

Through the years, I had the pleasure to work with Volker on different projects. His global knowledge of the sealants industry is second to none. Working with Volker is an absolute pleasure; his successful past experiences coupled with the ability to see the “big picture” and formulate successful strategies make him the ideal partner for projects focused on growing businesses, both organically and via targeted acquisitions. Above all, I consider Volker a dear friend and in fact a mentor.

Giorgio Galli

Sales Director, Kraton Corporation

I appreciate Dr. Weidmann very much as a wise and empathetic conversationalist with the rare gift of combining warmth and openness with sharp intellect. His purposeful “processing speed” and analysis of even complex interrelationships broadens horizons of thought. He thus provides innovative impulses that make every conversation with him a gain.

Harald Korsten

Managing Director and Leadership Trainer, motiv Gesellschaft für Innovation

I have known Dr. Weidmann as a fellow Board member of Laticrete International. He has and continues to be a valuable contributor of business knowledge to the Board of Directors and the Management Team of Laticrete. It has been my pleasure to be associated with him and if you are looking for solid business guidance you will get this type of advice from him.

Al Canosa

Managing Director, Mosaic Marketing and Retired CEO and President of a NYSE International Corporation

I have known Dr. Volker Weidmann for more than 2 decades and have worked with him in a wide variety of constellations. Whether as a supplier, a customer or a project partner, Dr. Weidmann proved to be a competent and reliable business partner. Volker Weidmann is an intimate connoisseur of the sealant world in general and the sealant markets with their diverse applications, regardless of whether they are industrial or in a more manual/commercial environment. This is the result of his many years of work as a manager at well-known sealant manufacturers, but also the result of his personal way of becoming familiar with topics and familiarizing himself with tasks. His attitude to see people as well as business is the basis for his incredible network in the world of poetry and sealants and also adhesives. In one sentence: Competence paired with a great personality, that’s what makes working with Dr. Volker Weidmann pleasant and successful for both sides. In any case, I look forward to further cooperation.

Thomas Stein

Co-Founder, Klebnorm Consulting GmbH

It’s been a great pleasure to meet Volker and I’m really grateful to be able to work with him for the last two years. His experience, deep knowledge and global network of the adhesive and sealants market make him a great business partner. But above all, Volker is a great person and I’m really grateful to consider him a friend.

Francisco Javier Ripoll Nonell

CEO, Sailing Technologies

Dr Volker Weidmann has impressed us with his vast network in the industry of sealants and adhesives and his rational approach!

Jaan Puusaag

Chairman, Krimelte

It was absolutely a big pleasure and of great value to work with Volker in the recent years. I appreciate Volker as a business partner and friend and I would highly recommend him in case you are interested in one of his services. In the last decades he developed deep knowledge and expertise of the European Sealants and Adhesive Industry and this is a big asset and it gives him a broad network and many tools to work with. I know Volker as a creative thinker and good listener with the capability to structure processes. In addition to these strengths it is important to mention that Volker has a high level of integrity and he is a very reliable, honest and open-minded ‘gentleman’. Recently we have been using Volker’s services for managerial recruitment openings and consultancy in product value mapping and channel distribution.

Kasper van der Heijden

Managing Director, Si-Linq

Volker Weidmann worked many years as managing director in the sealants industry. He always showed strong focus on high quality and value of his final products. This resulted in a strong market position of the company he worked for that is known for its high quality and easy-to-use products. I also experienced Volker Weidmann in his work as board chairman of a leading industry association for sealants where he balanced very well the interests of all members especially in view of changing market and environmental developments. His experience and deep knowledge about the sealant technology and customer expectations has been an important basis for this work.

Dr. Dietmar Schaefer

Senior VP Silicone Growth Projects, Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

I have known Dr. Weidmann as one of the most profound experts in the German and international sealant markets for more than 20 years. His competence in the technological and commercial area is unique. Innovative and creative strategic approaches have shaped his career so far and will certainly accompany him in the future as a maxim of his actions. I can therefore highly recommend to any sealants or adhesives company to work with Dr. Weidmann.

Wolfgang Schäufele

Former Senior Vice President Henkel Adhesives and Sealants, Henkel