Markets, economies and politics are increasingly characterized by VUCAVolatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. As a result, individuals and organizations require the capability of self-organization. Competencies are the complex, often hidden potentials that play a crucial role in finding orientation and dealing with challenges. Their development is facilitated by values, offering guidance and unlocking the energy needed for self-organization.

Organizations can learn how to identify, extend and combine competencies of their members along the HR lifecycle. A scientifically founded system, combined with software-based processes, state-of-the-art trainings and consultation on eye level enables them to unlock the essential prerequisites on their path into the future, which is defined by global transformation.

Our SEALANTS-NET.WORK partner has more than 25 years of experience in international organizations across all industries. He offers the following services:

  • A proven system for the diagnosis of competencies and values
  • Multi-language support with questionnaires in 16 languages and evaluations available in English, German and French
  • Instruments and methods for a measurable development of individuals and organizations
  • Trainings that turn staff members into managers of competencies and values
  • Education programs that enable individuals to plan, implement and conduct corporate learning processes
  • Development programs in alignment with the organizational strategy
  • License courses to enable the targeted application of a holistic, scientific and future-proof solution

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