Finding the right people to grow your business is a tricky thing. Their availability is rather low, professional recruiting companies are mostly not acquainted with the specific requirements and expectations of the sealant industry, costs are high and the search process is lengthy.

Wouldn’t you appreciate a partner for recruiting management and sales staff who has personal experience in the sealants & adhesives industry and can reach out for suitable candidates via his world-wide network? A partner who is well aware of the specifics of the industry and its challenges and who will present Mr. or Mrs. Right matching your qualification profile?

Our network relies entirely on the placement of personally known candidates and can therefore help you quickly and effectively to find experienced new employees and bring them on board!

  • Setting up a qualification profile for the positions to be filled
  • Searching for suitable candidates from the sealant industry
  • Arranging interviews with candidates and helping evaluate their personal strengths and weaknesses with regard to the employer’s requirements and challenges

Based on our industry knowledge, this creates added value through inexpensive personnel search without detours!