About me and the NET.WORK

As a long-time CEO of a market-leading  company and chairman of the renowned German IVD – Industry Association of Sealant Manufacturers, I had the opportunity to penetrate deeply into all areas of the sealants & adhesives business and to develop a global understanding of the contexts of this industry.

My most important “achievement”, however, was to establish a global network of sealants & adhesives experts that is unique in the world and which I have now brought together in the NET.WORK. With the competence, the experience and the know-how of these experts, I offer the global sealants & adhesives industry a sustainable competitive advantage. Our services support you in making your sealants & adhesives business more attractive, more sustainable and finally more profitable.

The NET.WORK offers you an expert for almost any aspect of your business! It consists of former senior level professionals of market leading sealants & adhesives and related companies who are committed to provide a hands-on and down-to-earth approach.

Confidentiality is our highest command, experience our value-added, and professionalism our greatest asset!

We will definitely find the right experts for you!

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